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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Ocean Sole is a trademarked and can only be used with the permission of Ocean Sole, Inc.


To qualify as a wholesaler, you will need proof of proper licenses, documents or requirements to get wholesale pricing. These can be provided and certified by an employee or as part of your first order.

Our minimum order quantity amount is $400 for USA orders


Ocean Sole Africa, Ltd. publishes pricing on an annual basis. We have the right to update our standard pricing on a yearly basis, and the adjustments are aligned with the Kenya Government’s cost of living adjustment index.

Often Ocean Sole Africa, Ltd., will provide discounts on order sizes, first orders, seasonal sales or other incentives. However, those discounted prices do not constitute new agreed pricing.

The Ocean Sole Africa, Ltd. price quotation is for 30 days. Our commitment is to maintain a fixed price, but we reserve the right to change the price after 30 days and will inform the customer by email and will not proceed with the order until confirmation is received. All prices are ex-works. Other prices can be asked for on request.

Tax, shipping, VAT and other related business transaction costs are not included in our pricing unless specifically stated.


Payment of goods is required 50% upfront to enable us to start making the product and 50% on shipping the product. All large masterpieces will be paid in full before beginning the art. For wholesalers, after 3 orders or an amount of $2,500, we will consider agreeable 30-day OR 60-day payment terms.

Speak to your representative about a potential consignment of larger products/masterpieces.

Online/Social Media Platforms/Websites:

IF you have an online presence, or if you sell our products on your website, Facebook page, or any other social media platform, you must keep your prices the same as our published retail rate (MSRP). If we find that you are discounting your prices to undercut our online prices, we will NOT continue to sell our products to you for resell. This will be an immediate termination of your contract with Ocean Sole.


Shipping is an independent service that we offer. There are no standard rates or methods to use. We aim to help our clients find the best shipping offer. We use USPS, FedEx and UPS most of the time. Freight Shipping from Kenya is available for large orders and masterpieces.
From USA

If you have ordered through our USA entity or online, a quote will be provided for the shipping from our Florida fulfilment centre to your location. However, if we do not have enough specific products in stock in the U.S. to fulfil an order, there could be an additional shipping cost to get the stock from Kenya.

Tracking information will be provided for the carrier chosen to deliver your order.

From Kenya

Shipping from Kenya can be very easy but also sometimes expensive. We do our best to help our clients get the cheapest shipping possible and will work with you on the options.

This may range from the standard Kenya Postal services to courier services such as FedEx. The shipping price will be invoiced separately as often the shipping rate is not clear until the products are packaged and ready to go. We will do our best to provide you with a reasonable estimate. Once the product leaves our premises, we are no longer responsible for the duration or condition your products are received. This is the shipper’s responsibility.

Tracking of products by the Kenya Postal Service is limited. The goods are air freighted from Nairobi Airport, and we can advise when the goods have arrived in the customer’s country (usually 2-3 days). However, Kenya Postal Service cannot track the goods beyond this, and there is no interconnecting tracking available. If your order is to be shipped by container, your forward freighting company must fulfil all the relevant documentation. Ocean Sole Africa Ltd can assist but are not responsible for the completion of such documents.


All sales taxes and/or in-bound duty is the responsibility of the customer. If you are importing into the European community, please provide the EUR 1 certificate, and Ocean Sole Africa, Ltd., will be happy to complete and return it. It is not Ocean Sole Africa's responsibility to obtain this document. However, most forms and certificates are provided by the courier and freight service.

Import Taxes from Kenya to the USA are included in the pricing.

Product Warranty

Our products are made from recycled flip flop material and as such, have variations in color, texture, quality and size. Sometimes, there are thorns or other earthly matters in the sculptures that were not seen by our quality control team and are beyond our control with working with recycled materials. With orders that require similar color palates, we will endeavor to meet this requirement, but it is not always possible due to the nature of the recycled flip-flops. We believe the variation in the shades of color found in recycled material adds to the uniqueness of our products.

We warrant our products for a period of 6 months. If the product has been damaged due to improper use, we will repair the item at your cost. All products are subject to fading if exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions. Do not place objects close to a heat source as the product could burn or melt. Our products can be washed with water and a detergent to remove stains. Also, if you feel the product has faded from sunshine, light sanding will make the colors more vibrant.

Our products can be outside in the elements. However, we recommend UV protection (found at any hardware or Marine store) if the products will be in direct sunlight often. Also, our products do float and are often purchased as fun adult pool toys.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Our products are not toys and should not be used or advertised specifically as such. Products are safe for ages above 3 yr.

Return Policy

We hope you are completely satisfied with your order. If, however, we have made a mistake, we will be happy to replace any item at our expense. If on receipt of your order, you want to change an item not covered by our warranty, then we will endeavour to replace the product for a like product or price but shipping, packaging and handling will be charged.


Accuracy to ensure order accuracy, please use our product codes on the price list and a description of the type and size. Be specific about quantity, size of product, description and color range (subject to availability). Also, please confirm with the sales associate if it requires specific requirements or custom/bespoke aspects.


If you cancel your order after it has been put into production, you will be charged 50% of the value of the products made.


If your order is complete or part complete additional modifications or reductions to your order will be charged at the prevailing rate, and the delivery date may be delayed.


Acceptance purchasing any of our products constitutes acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

Force Majeure

The seller will not be held responsible or liable for failure to make delivery of all or any part of the goods purchased under this sales contract if that failure is due to any cause, contingency or circumstances not subject to the control that prevents or hinders the manufacture or delivery of the merchandise, including state, statute, ordinance, or regulation; any delay in shipment of the goods; strikes or other labour trouble, fire damage to or destruction in whole or in part of merchandise or manufacturing plant. The seller shall be released and discharged from its obligations under this sale of contract under any of the circumstances described herein.

This document is valid through November 1, 2023

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