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Greg Bockheim

“Removing thousands of flip-flops from our water ecosystems, transforming them into color creations, creating a robust social enterprise & global awareness of marine pollution, inspiring to other unique initiatives and helping to restore the ecosystem is a conservation action that we at the Virginia Zoo are proud to get behind. Ocean Sole is one solution to a global problem”

Julia Margaux De-Cellini Ciarlo

“International Corporate Art discovered Ocean Sole through an architect we were working with. Since then we have contracted them for no less than four of our art-projects, all of them being cruise-ships. Delivering art-installations to cruise-ships requires very special attention to construction, safety and durability. Ocean Sole has proved a reliable partner, taking these factors into careful and serious consideration. In working with third-party clients as a consultant we have been in constant need of updates and information. Ocean Sole has very kindly kept us in the loop and informed along the whole process of making the animal-sculptures. A Hippo and a Octopus later, we are very happy to continue our collaboration. The fact that these art-pieces are made with the environment at heart contribute to any project’s Corporate Social Responsibility - this is yet another advantage.

Thank you for bringing something different to our art-projects, Ocean Sole!”

Nic Nicholas Ninaber Van Eyben

“These past five years with Ocean Sole have been great! Lots of up's and downs, but I think we can proudly say we have come a long way. It's a pleasure that we can contribute to the upcycling of more flip flop's each year, and more and more people getting a good job at Ocean Sole.”

Wayne Sentman

“We have been showcasing the great work of Ocean Sole in the US for the last 10 years. As a marine conservation non-profit we want to support the model of a sustainable industry that generates jobs around repurposing marine trash. We also simply love the artwork produced, and especially the “new” marine creatures. We like the work they do so much, that on our safaris to Kenya we have incorporated a visit to the Ocean Sole workshop into our itinerary. Over the many years of placing large orders, the Kenya team has always been helpful, reliable, and worked to get the ordered items to us in a timely manner. Please keep up the great work Ocean Sole!”

Adrienne Desbiolles Gallery

We had no problems at all, everything is always clear and easy with them. They always try to do the best they can. No delivery problems. No delay problems. Feel free to contact us for any further questions. These people are so nice, their products are so amazing and so actual - save the oceans, save the world. Really, clients fall immediately in love with them.

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