Ride The Wave | Workshop Wednesday - Ocean Sole

On this week's episode of Workshop Wednesday Season 1 Episode 4, we shed light on one of our newest Sole Mates and special guests.

In episode 4, Jonathan kindly shows you our brand new and latest design of a surfboard! He explains how the surfboard is currently being made for our newest Ocean Sole Surf Ambassador, Kyle Johnston. Kyle was at a regional tournament this past weekend, in Atlantic Beach. He won 1st place at this tournament in the Master Shortboard division, and 2nd in the Open Shortboard division - Congratulations Kyle!

In honour of his accomplishments, Ocean Sole made a surfboard out of over 1000 upcycled flip flops. Jonathan goes into deep detail on the colour placement and how we get our flip flop sculptures to naturally look so vibrant. In Episode 4, he also shows you cool and unique photos of some of the stages our pieces go through as a part of their journey on their way to becoming a final Ocean Sole product. In addition, Kyle will also be getting a large Ocean Sole to sticker to place upon his surfboard as a proud Ocean Sole Sole Mate.

In episode 4, Jonathan explains why it takes 12oo flip flops to make this particular piece, its overall significance to Ocean Sole and where it will be going. Jonathan also goes further to explain a little more about who Kyle Johnston is.

This video gives you an insight to the carving process through providing close up shots of the intricate process.

If you haven’t seen it yet - don’t fret!

Click the link: https://youtu.be/fFYOsim0AVc

See you next Wednesday!

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