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It's International Women's Day and at Ocean Sole, we couldn't be more excited about the theme this year, Choose to Challenge.

It seems rather fitting, doesn't it? After such a tough year, it makes sense that women continue showing their resilience, strength and ambition. Choose to Challenge reminds us that we can't stop fighting for equal rights, to feel safe and be happy.

Here at Ocean Sole, our women employees make us who we are and we are strong believers in continuously empowering them but it's no secret that the inequality hurdles set out before Kenyan women do exist. Women in Kenya still have to advocate for their equal rights to property, security, financial services, healthcare, education and so on.

Challenging those inequalities, celebrating their achievements, developing their skills and supporting them by supplying them with a steady income are some of the things Ocean Sole does to help.

This year we've decided to create 20 limited edition flip flop purple hearts, launching especially for International Women's Day. The colour purple signifies justice and dignity and we want our flip flop hearts to remind people of those virtues.
flip flop heart

One such lady that benefits from our women empowerment principles and programs is Ann Nziliani.

Ann used to collect flip-flops when she was living in Kibera (the largest urban slum in Africa) and sell them to the reseller's who collected for Ocean Sole. Now working full time at Ocean Sole Ann and her two children have been able to move out of the slum to a nice area of the city called Karen. A lady of many talents she is also a very skilled seamstress.⁣

Thank you Ann for the amazing work you do!

Our 20 flip flop purple hearts are available on our online webshop, and we will donate 100% profits (after shipping) to our Sole Mate Foundation. The funds we raise from selling the purple flip flop hearts will be donated to Jacqueline Muhawenim, a refugee from Rwanda. She fled Rwanda during the countries genocide in 1994 and since then has been working with us to sew mattresses that are filled with our shredded offcuts. So far we have donated 100 mattresses in partnership with World Vision to vulnerable girls in Namanga.

The Sole Mate Foundation is officially launching by May 1, but have been continuing our commitment to our impact goals.

A Challenged world is an alert world. Hand up high to show you're in!

#ChoosetoChallenge | #IWD2021

Our new container arrives in USA. Checkout the blog to know more about it!

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