National Rescue Dog Day | Launching Our Dog Sculptures - Ocean Sole

Wow, what a special day. Today is all about our favourite four-legged friends, and to honor your beloved fur-family member with a pet replica, we are now making your pets from recycled flip flops! Let us sculpt your pet dog and help us clean the Oceans!

The art of the possible. Not only can we create art for advocacy of our beaches and waterways, but we can also create customized art that is meaningful to you personally. This Labrador seen in the picture is a pet replica of a service dog that we made for a client, to remind her of that special companion that looked after her for so many years.

In Kenya, the number of abandoned dogs is plentiful. Often, they are born in the bush, small villages or urban areas and have no human or monetary support to survive. Also, some of the Kenyan cultures are not as sensitive to dog welfare as they may be in the USA, UK or Europe, where a dog can be spoiled like a child. Hunger for a child will often and should overshadow the plight of rescue dogs.

We are lucky to have the non-profit KSPCA shelters, who work tirelessly to help rescue dogs find their stable forever homes. I personally have adopted 6 of my 9 dogs from this fabulous institution.

We have a special place in our heart for the KSPCA, we transform our flip-flop cutoffs into plush dog beds for our furry friends. These lucky dogs love these beds because they are warm, washable and very durable. This week will be donating more dog beds to KSPCA and will send out some pictures of our furry ones enjoying them like Lily here.

This year the challenge is bigger due to the knock-on effects of COVID 19 – millions of stranded dogs that need our assistance. We have decided to bring awareness to these dog’s plight and make dogs for a limited time.

Our workshop is making Flip-Flop Dogs Sculptures out of ocean trash! So far, we have been making Labradors, dachshunds, bulldogs and some other breeds. So get in touch and send us a picture and let’s make magic together.

If you want a flip flop dog sculpture, that means something special to you, we can sculpt your Pet with commissions from $550 - get in touch with us NOW at

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Hugs and Doggy Kisses – the Ocean Sole Africa Team

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