A message from our Chief Solemate | Ocean Sole

Dear Solemates,

As we approach the end of 2020, I would like to thank all of you that have supported Ocean Sole through buying our art or donating to our charitable causes. It has been a remarkable year for everyone around the world, and here at Ocean Sole, it was no different.

However, I am proud to say we were lucky to keep our heads above water and due to the commitment of my management team and Directors, who took a 40% pay-cut all year, to ensure our artisans and community programs were impacted the least. It brings a tear to my eye when I review the accomplishments and achievements we endured this past year.

We had NO COVID-19 cases for our employees or their families to date, for which we are forever grateful. We gave new eyeglasses to 36 of our employees, some of whom have NEVER had glasses. We conducted 12 beach clean-ups this year and supported communities that collect flip flips, which for some is their only source of income. We kept feeding our employees and maintained the welfare program for their children’s school fees and hospital bills.

Our Art And Business Took New Shape This Year!

  • We have made 46,819 products this year
  • We up-cycled 380,000 flip flops
  • We up-cycled over 50kg in Styrofoam
  • We have made 100 mattresses for vulnerable girls in Kenya
  • We launched our official Ocean Sole e-commerce site in March
  • We raised over $3,000 for Ol Pejeta to support the Sudan Rhino program
  • We maintained 56 employees and flip flop suppliers during COVID and hope everyone can come back in 2021
  • We made 5 large-scale endangered species to launch our Solemate Project - a polar bear, gorilla, jaguar, pangolin, and panda.
  • We have a new fulfillment center in the UK for ease of shipping to the UK and Europe
Collecting trash from oceans
  • In the Jacksonville area, we are exhibiting at the Deck the Chairs and have a new shop in Sawgrass Village
  • We shipped containers of flip flop art to our Solemates in France, Benelux, and the USA
  • We made 16 custom dog sculptures
  • We made 2 iconic Big Tim elephant sculptures to bring awareness to poaching

Most of all, we have had so much fun making art, cleaning beaches, and working with artisans. We close this year with a smile and excitement for 2021.

We are online and on email but we have closed our workshop and sent everyone off for a much-needed break on Friday with a Christmas hamper of food for themselves and their family. We then close our offices from 21st December - 4th January 2021. Online orders will continue throughout!

Thank you all from each and every one of us for your continued support. We feel your love and are working on new products, new merchandise, and new cool things for 2021. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas!

Lots of Love,

Erin Smith
Chief Solemate (CEO)

Check our recent blog to know more about our beach cleanup process.

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