"Let's Rock the Ocean" Event – Ocean Sole

"Let's Rock the Ocean" Event

An eco-event at Distant Relatives in Kilifi, Kenya

Hosted by Ocean Sole

Sponsored by Rock the Ocean


In an inspiring collaboration with the Rock the Ocean FoundationOcean Sole hosted the transformative "Let's Rock the Ocean" event at the eco-friendly Distant Relatives Ecolodge.

This gathering of minds and spirits brought together 67 changemakers and 21 organizations from across the globe, each dedicated to pivotal areas of marine conservation.

This blog delves into the heart of the event, the launch of the Ocean Sole Turtle Watch Initiative, and the ripple effect of collaborative projects sparked under the Kenyan sky.

Uniting for a Cause: The Conservation Focus

Battling Marine Litter and Plastic Waste

With a shared commitment to tackling marine litter and plastic waste, participants showcased innovative solutions, aligning with Ocean Sole's mission to transform ocean debris into impactful art and functional items. This effort is vital for preserving marine biodiversity and preventing pollution from overwhelming our oceans.

Saving Marine Wildlife Through Rescue and Rehabilitation

The event allowed for organisations that are focused solely on the rescue and rehabilitation in saving marine wildlife, an area where many organizations are making strides. By sharing success stories and challenges, attendees explored new ways to enhance their rescue operations and rehabilitative efforts.

Advocating for Beach Cleanups

Beach cleanups stand as a testament to the power of community action in marine conservation. Ideas were shared and experiences debated to improve effective cleanups, participants aimed to increase public involvement and awareness, crucial steps toward healthier marine environments.

Restoring Marine Biodiversity and Habitats

Restoration projects, particularly for coral reefs and mangroves, were represented and the participants were successful in underscoring the importance of habitat conservation for marine biodiversity. Collaborative efforts in this area promise to bolster the resilience of marine ecosystems against the impacts of climate change and pollution.

Enhancing Ocean Literacy and Education

It was agreed that ocean literacy and education are foundational themes, and it is imperative to have initiatives aimed at empowering communities and especially the youth. By fostering a deeper understanding of marine conservation, these efforts pave the way for sustained engagement and advocacy.

Sparking Connections: "Do Good Dating"

A novel highlight was the "Do Good Dating" activity, a dynamic networking opportunity that allowed conservationists to share insights, forge connections, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations. Each participant went around to other tables to meet and greet and discuss their projects.  This innovative approach to community engagement underscored the event's role as a catalyst for actionable conservation projects.

Launching the Ocean Sole Turtle Watch Initiative

A pivotal moment was the launch of the Ocean Sole Turtle Watch Initiative, accredited by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The presence of Officer Collins Ochieng, Sr Warden from the Watamu KWS office, who inaugurated the initiative, symbolized a significant step forward in turtle conservation. This initiative not only highlights Ocean Sole's commitment to marine life but also fosters a collaborative approach to conservation, bridging the gap between art, community action, and wildlife protection.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Prior to the event, Ocean Sole hosted an educational program for local schools, emphasizing the importance of ocean conservation and the role of youth in maintaining clean and safe beaches. Through interactive activities and discussions led by Thomas Sagimo, Ocean Sole's Coastal Impact Manager, the event illuminated the path for future guardians of our oceans.

Under the Stars: Reflection and Collaboration

As the day transitioned into night, the screening of "Bahari Yetu" under the stars brought the day's discussions into a poignant focus. The film, resonating with the collective passion of the attendees, underscored the urgency of the conservation efforts discussed. The infectious energy and gratitude expressed by participants highlighted the event's success in fostering a deeply connected conservation community.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Collaboration

Since the event, four new collaborative projects have begun to take shape, focusing on areas critical to marine conservation such as turtle and coral reef conservation, transforming marine litter into housing materials, and mangrove planting. These initiatives exemplify the event's enduring impact and the power of collective action in addressing the challenges facing our oceans.

In The End...

"It is so exciting to be able to host an event that brings true on-the-ground changemakers together to innovate and collaborate," reflects Ocean Sole on the success of "Let's Rock the Ocean." With the support of the Rock the Ocean Foundation, and plans to host three such events a year, Ocean Sole is at the forefront of a movement that champions marine conservation through collaboration, education, and innovative action. This event marks just the beginning of a continued effort to safeguard our oceans for generations to come.




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