Whale: Blue Whale | Flip Flop Sculpture – Ocean Sole

Whale: Blue Whale | Flip Flop Sculpture


Hand Carved by Artisans

Upcycled Materials

Kenyan Made

100% Nonprofit


The blue whale is not only the largest whale but it is also he largest animal known to have ever existed. Reaching a maximum confirmed length of 29.9 meters and weighing up to 199 tonnes.

The number of blue whales today is only a small fraction of what it was before modern commercial whaling significantly reduced their numbers during the early 1900s, but populations are increasing globally. The primary threats blue whales currently face are vessel strikes and entanglements in fishing gear. We felt it was only right to honor this massive marine mammal in our Ocean Sole signature designs. 

All our products are made from recycled flip-flops that are collected from the beaches, waterways and landfills in Kenya. These products are hand carved by Kenya artisans and all unique therefore will differ in colour seen in the picture.

    Please note prices are not inclusive of custom and import duties if they apply to your country.
    Impact of Your Purchase

    Small: 183 lbs of trash collected | Medium: 292 lbs of trash collected

    Size Details

    Small: L 6 in, W 2 in, H 2 in | Medium: L 10 in, W 3 in, H 3 in

    About Our Process

    For 3.5 billion people living below the poverty line, the flip flop remains the most affordable form of footwear. And as a result, most of them end up in the ocean.

    Each year we aim to upcycle 1 million+ flip flops found washed up across the Kenyan beaches which our local artisans then turn into art.

    If you are interested in learning more about our process of collecting, washing, blocking, carving, smoothing, and perfecting our small batch artwork, click here to watch a short video.



    Not only does each piece make an impact in our social conservation efforts and the lives of many Kenyans, it makes a beautiful statement and conversation piece in your home and garden.


    100% of our profits goes directly back into our conservation efforts and enriching the lives of over 1,000 Kenyans through the collection of flip-flops and direct employment.

    We are passionate about our people, purpose, and the planet. And through your purchase you are directly helping our efforts.


    Each piece is made with care and love, the story of each product begins as a flip-flop on someones feet, then its thrown out and ends up in the ocean.

    We collect it, clean it, compress it and then carve it into beautiful art to be revived again with love.