Jada: Ocean Sole Ambassador

Hello readers,

At Ocean Sole, we are a big family, and family is the biggest support system. We’re always happy and excited when a new person joins our family. This year, we met an incredibly talented and passionate young eco-warrior who keeps championing the cause for environmental change. 

Jada Neema Atieno is a 10-year-old determined to make a difference. She lives with her family in Watamu, on the coast of Kenya. She’s a grade 5 pupil and part of the scouts group in her school.  

We met Jada during one of our clean-up activities at the Oloolua forest. She gave a speech about conserving and protecting trees, which blew our minds! Her courage and confidence are truly admirable. We’re proud to introduce her as our new Ocean sole ambassador. She’ll be joining Romario, our other Ocean sole ambassador based in South Africa, in assisting us in spreading the pollution awareness message. 

Jada during a clean at the Oloolua forest 

When she's not in school, Jada is actively involved in conservation efforts both in Nairobi and at the coast of Kenya.  She enjoys planting trees, beach cleaning, forest cleaning and educating members of her community about the importance of conserving the environment. 

Her role model is the environmental activist Greta Thunberg. She believes Greta's work for the environment is laudable. In Jada's life, she does take time to enjoy some of her hobbies which include hiking, swimming and gymnastics.  

We are immensely proud of Jada and all her efforts to do good for the environment. It's great to see children involved in the conservation of the environment for their generation and the future. We couldn't be happier to have Jada as an ambassador and we'll be sure to update you on her journey here at Ocean Sole! 

Email us at hello@oceansoleafrica.co for any enquiries, projects, orders, partnerships or to see how to get involved in our mission. 



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