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Art and advertisement are so closely related that it can be hard to see them both separately. The primary purpose of advertising is to attract consumers. We aim to
persuade people to buy a specific product through different visuals, such as online content, digital signage, and business signage.

People always crave something out of the box and expect to see innovation in
advertisement. Anything new and interesting can become a trend on social media
and digital platforms, helping to make advertisement campaigns a success.

Speaking of something new, flip-flop art is one unique form of art that has been
creating waves for some time. The term basically refers to creating sculptural
masterpieces using leftover flip flops from beaches. It was the initiative of a local
non-profit organisation, ‘The Ocean Sole,’ located in Nairobi, Kenya. They have been creating flip-flop art for the past ten years that have been popular ever since.


Like other new ventures of marketing and advertising, flip-flop art can offer a promising future to a variety of industries. Here is how the integration of flip-flop art is going to benefit your advertisement campaigns:


Sustainability Is The New Black:

The alarming rise in global warming issues and its aftermath have turned out to be a wake-up call for many people. People are becoming more inclined to opt for products and buy from companies with eco-friendly working methods, from the manufacturing process to the product itself.

Using the term sustainability with your marketing campaign will make your
advertisement a massive success. Using eco-friendly methods of advertisement will help you win a massive audience globally. An advertising method that positively impacts the environment will give you an edge over other marketers or companies.

Going green and sustainable is the new black in fashion, marketing, corporate, and every different landscape known to you.


Visual Delight:

Successful advertisements call for attractive visuals. What pleases the eye can
inspire our minds. Advertisement is your interaction with a client where you cannot convince them through your words alone, when you are not there to compel them about your company’s credibility.

In a world full of so many business ventures, you need to bring something that will
stand out among others. Flip-flop art is an amalgam of colour play and carefully
crafted products. It truly is a visual delight with its vibrancy and happy aesthetic.

On top of this, investing in flip-flop art can be seen as highly symbolic. It is a visual representation of your ideology; it shows you are fully aware of the climate
emergency and the gravity of the situation that comes with continuing to use
unsustainable materials. Choosing more recyclable options represents you as a
socially and environmentally-responsible company, and can help you gain a good



The desire to create something unique and interesting is never ending in the
marketing world. As consumers, we respond positively to something new and not
found on other platforms. Whilst flip-flop art hasn’t gained a moment in the
advertisement world yet, promoting your company using it would help to bring the
uniqueness you have been looking for to your campaigns. This impressive, eco-
friendly form of art will help you to explore a new realm of advertisement and make the most of your creativity to make it as per your business’s demands.

For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can get a dummy made out of
recycled flip-flops and display it in your shop front window. Likewise, if you have a
toy shop, you can offer a whole section of sustainable toys. There are plenty of ways to use flip-flops per your business needs.


The Bottom Line:

The world is gradually evolving, and we are introduced to new daily trends and ways of working. Flip-flop art can help you jump on this new novelty and put your creative foot forward in advertising.



Ashlie Lopez

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